Vietnam Day 15 HCM – Phu Quoc

After the visit to the tunnels we spend our last night in Ho Chi Minh with some happy activities. From our hotel we walk into the city to have dinner at the Racha House, with the help of google maps we found the entrance which was nothing more than a wooden door. As the doorman opened it we climbed up the stairs to find a modern and hip bar and restaurant with mainly expats as customers. The staff was Vietnamese, the prices European but the drinks and food tasted great. After the Heli lounge in Kuala Lumpur and the Hotel Georgia in Vancouver we left the Racha House to head tot the rooftopbar on top of the AB building. With good tunes, a nice atmosphere and an a zing view over the city we enjoyed some fine cocktails, dances and laughed and celebrated life.

The celebrations came at a small price the next morning when with the mojitos still in my head we got up to pack our bags and after a Starbucks coffee to control the hangover we got in a cab to the airport. Our next stop being Phu Quoc, a tropical island with white beaches, green hills and a nice resort. The drive from the airport to our resort was short, to short we found out later on the beach when the incoming flights were coming in over our heads. Although the rooms were ok the entire resort was somewhat outdated and competition was moving in. The competition was busy next door building a new resort, in from of our room, seven days per week and with heavy and loud machines. As we both started checking for other available resorts the music started to play and it would continue playing into the night at a high volume.

We escaped the hotel for dinner just down the street and used the restaurants wifi to set out our plan for the next day. We would get up early, rent a scooter and check out two resorts that we had selected and on which we double checked a large number of reviews. As we wanted to go to sleep the music only grew louder and confirmed the poor taste for music of the DJ as the hours passed. I took this moment to inform the hotel by e-mail that we would check out first thing in the morning before falling a sleep with the Venga Boys pounding through the speakers.

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