Vietnam Day 19 & 20

Vietnam Day 19 & 20

Although we had the idea of taking a scooter tour to explore the island of Phu Quoc we had difficulties finding the energy to get up from our comfortable positions on the beach. With the task of ordering drinks, applying suncream and swimming we also couldn’t find the time for any other activities. After the sun had set we were so exhausted that we could do no better than go back to Mango bay resort for dinner on the beach. With our last bit of energy we ride back to our resort and fall a sleep for the last time in our villa on the island of Phu Quoc. The next morning. We wake up early to make the most of our last our before we leave to the airport at two in the afternoon. The final hours are spend on the beach and we even get into a kayak for a short tour in front of the beach before settling back on our beds. Just as we are about to leave the beach dark clouds gather over our heads and thick rain drops fall in the sand. Perfect timing.

Marlies and our luggage travel to the airport by van and I ride out in front to return the scooter. Once at the airport we learn that the staff has a real tropical island mentality and checking in our luggage takes a good half hour although there were only three people before us. Security is only a few minutes after which we wait for our flight to Hanoi as the final stop before the end of our travels. As we wait we are approached by a German who had been at the same resort and was in the van to the airport with us, with all the stories about scams from taxi drivers he suggested to share a taxi in Hanoi. At the Hanoi airport we meet him and his sister and he uses the local Uber to arrange a car. The small Hyundai barely fits four plus luggage so we we sit in the backseat with our backpacks on our lap but after the cramped airplane still a comfortable drive.

Back in the city where our trip had begone we feel right at home and go into town for dinner and a drink before falling a sleep on our last night in Vietnam.

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