Day 18, Cave Junction – Portland

As we didn’t have the slightest idea where we had ended up we were curious to see it as we woke up. We can be brief, it wasn’t much. Most surprising was the fact that Bruce was travelling with a motorhome that looked like he had stole the tourbus from the Rolling Stones. A huge motorhome with giant six wheel trailer. Bruce was nowhere in sights, most likely sleeping and handling the aftereffect of last nights beers. We have a quick cereal breakfast before driving down to the the nearest ATM and settle the bill with the park management.

Our set goal is Portland and we have about 450 kilometre to go before we get there. We drive through the last miles of the 199 and last of mountain roads and snow before we get on the number 5 Interstate. We cruise along with 65 miles an hour and the scenery changes to less inspiring flats. Besides a Subway lunch stop, sing-a-longs and a game of I see, I see what you not see, not much happens. We have selected an RV park just before Portland in the paper mill town of Oregon City. We drive into the park which is on the riverbanks and with a cup of tea we look around and conclude that its the worst park we have seen so far and not the place to spend on of the last nights of our camping adventure. Thankfully we have internet and find that in the greater Portland area there is not one decent RV park, below a section of one of the reviews we came across:

This trailer park is not just known for its criminal activity but it should be sued for harassment, slander, and discrimination.

Thank you internet, we get online again and search for nice hotel downtown Portland, type in the address in TomTom and within 22 minutes we arrive in downtown Portland. The doormen look surprises as we park our motorhome in front of the Lucia Hotel and apologises for not being able to park our unit. We first go in, find out they have a room available and then set out to park our home a few blocks from the hotel. We take our essentials and leave the heater on and lock her before leaving her in the secure parking. The experience has been great and the motorhome awesome but we do look forward to a hotel bed and shower. We happen to be just in time for the complementary beer hour and being Dutch we don’t turn down a free beer.

The next door Imperium is highly recommended by the concierge and we take his word and we walk in to the restaurant via a connecting door. We get inline to be seated and hear waiting times up to 30 minutes. I introduce us as guests from the hotel next door and within a minute we sit in front of the open kitchen. We enjoy three courses of exquisite food and wine and toast to our wonderful adventure and being together. We have long showers before we dive on to the crisp white sheets and look forward to discovering Portland tomorrow.

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