Day 19, Portland – Home

As we wake up still filled with comfort from the wonderful food and enjoying the crisp clean sheet of the hotel bed we make a plan for today. After the success with dinner we settle at the same next door restaurant for breakfast. We have flipping bitches (wentelteefjes/French Toast) to stay in the camping mood, fresh fruit and scrambled eggs with chorizo. We pack up and leave our luggage at the reception before we go out to explore the city. Not long after we get outside we find out that it’s 3 degrees below freezing, snowing and the city buildings create face cutting windchill.

We keep on smiling and walking but after about half an hour we give up and find warmth in Powells book store. After a small purchase we once again brave the freezing cold and walk directly to our motorhome. We are pleased to find it as we have left it and nice and warm. We drive back to the hotel, pick up our bag and set TomTom for home. With about six hours to go I putt down the throttle and we hit the I5. We have enjoyed the camping but with the comfort of home and the Pug and our friends at sight we set out to be home as soon as possible. The views are somewhat boring compared to what we had the last week we decide to sing and enjoy each other. as we fill up with cheap gas fro the lasttime we can almost smell Canada.

We check the motorhome for any unwanted democrats that want to leave the States and pass the border without any hassle. Only twenty minutes later we back the motorhome into the drivingway and are welcomed by Bob who just came back from a day of skiing. As I sit down downstairs Ed jumps on my lap to say he has missed me.

And we have missed Canada. It’s good to be home for another few days before we fly back to Amsterdam. 

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