Day 3 Tsawwassen

Today Marlies was the lucky one to wake up at 6, unlike me she is a lot better at ignoring the jet lag and just going back to sleep. Together we  wake up two hours later and get up for coffee and spend the better part of the morning hanging around in the kitchen. We are joined by the rest of the family as they wake up or return from a morning run. Plans to go to the city are washed away by continuous rain, so we opt for the dry and warm atmosphere of the newly build Tsawwassen Mills mall. Do not worry, it took me  few months before I could pronounce Tsawwassen.

On our way we stop by Joanne, the sister of my good friend Erik Recter of Kigo, get one now for only 189 euro! Joanne is a great example for us as she has taken the decision to move to Canada about 13 years ago. The view from their living room confirms the meaning of Tsawwassen, facing the ocean, (wikipedia).

Anyway after delivery of the oliebollen mix and mor insights on live in Canada we continue to Tsawwassan Mills which Marlies renames to Thomassen Mills. 1.2 million square feet of shopping (ruim elf hectare), 200 shops and a huge foodcourt. We are on a mission, first we go for lunch. Once again nog fast food but we go for Japanse and the food together with a Chinese family sitting next to us makes Marlies smile for the rest of the day.

We are on a mission and we have success, the Nike factory store is just opposite of the Roots Canada store and in no time we walk out again with new shoes and sweatpants. We are ready for post-christmas chillaxing.

After the success of shopping we got home and Bob and Lee’a had spread the word of the Dutch kid coming home. We had the pleasure of meeting up with old friends and have drinks and food and be merry. We talkes about the past the present and the future and created more memories, tomorrow we’ll continue.

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