Day 4 Capilano

Jet Lag has got nothing on us and we sleep in until 11:30. Since we are on holiday we feel we can relax today, my new sweatpants need to be worn in anyway. The day starts with a more than Instagram worthy breakfast with French toast, fresh fruit and a rare 2015 Maple sirup. 2015 is the year of golden maple and the sirup is to die for. Stuffed with breakfast we gather by the fireplace and find we are all lazy and spend our time chatting, reading and relaxing.

Around four the Purdy’s arrive and we all drive downtown to continue to Capilano Suspension bridge. As we pass the Georgia Hotel both cars pull over and we must stop for fondue at this hotel. The manager on duty has some problems with te minors in our group and won’t let us in. Some persuasive arguments later we find ourselves on the heated rooftop terrace enjoying prosecco, turkey and cheese fondue.

Since we had set a goal to go and see the lights at Capilano Suspenion bridge we head out to make it on time. We arrive at Capilano minutes after closing time and do our best to persuade the ticket office to let us in, they agree and we can go see the lights. We only needed to pay like a thousand dollars to get in and decide an entrance picture is worth more than a thousand bucks.

We end the day with drinks at Traci and decide that it wouldn’t be all bad to get to bed before midnight so we will all be wel rested for Christmas. 

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