Day 5 Capilano attempt 2

We wake up as tourists and are going for the full Vancouver experience today leaving the locals at home so we can get lost in the city. We start with cruising through downtown and cross the city to get to Stanley park, some say the largest park in the world. True or not, it’s beautiful and right at the end of the city facing the ocean. We park the car and go for a walk to the famous totems and walk past the benches that have memorial plates on them.

Inspired by the one in memory of John Thompson, born Danish left this world as a Canadian. Standing on the northern end of Stanley park we are amazed by the view of the city on one side and the mountains on the other side. Completed with the beauty of the park and the ocean. Is doesn’t take long for Marlies to fall in love with the sights, the city, the people and the country.

We continue to the west side of the park for a lunch at the Tearoom, a great lunch with a beautiful view. We set out to head back in to town and drive to gas town to see the famous steam clock and visit the observatory deck at the top of harbour centre. We arrive just in time to see the sun set over the city before getting back in the car to have another attempt at visiting the lights at Capilano suspension bridge.

It is not long before we find out we are not the only ones who want to see the lights on this Christmas evening. We use our not knowing tourist attitude to get a parking spot and apologise with hadn’t gestures claiming not to speak English. Worked out perfect. We are well on time and with pre purchased tickets we pass the long line of other tourists only to find an even longer line to get onto the actual bridge. The waiting is a joy with all the trees lit up with endless cords of Christmas lights. If you try hard you can imagine half the tourist not being there and it becomes even more impressive. We cross the bridge to the other side of the canyon and take the treetop walk amongst more lights and even more tourists. Nevertheless is a wonderful experience.

On the way out we stop for some famous Capilano fudge and decide to drive down to Granville island for dinner at the Sandbar. Beautiful salmon and tuna fill our stomachs and worn out from all the impressions we head home. We arrive just in time for a Christmas tradition, we all get down to the basement with blankets and drinks to watch Elf. Satisfied and filled with Christmas spirit we go to bed ready for the next day which will be filled with food, drinks and family.

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