Day 12 Seal Rock OR – Burnt Ranch CA

Today is one of the few days that we have set a goal, we have to get to Burnt Ranch California where we will stay with Cyn en Bob van Fleet. In order to be there on time we set the alarm at 07:00 since we have over 650 kilometres of Highway 101 and 299 to travel. Another benefit of getting up early is that we see the sunrise over the trees and shine it’s light on the breaking waves of the Pacific. All this we see from the comfort of our motorhome with fresh coffee.

Since we are three days on the road it’s time for the least charming jobs of live on the road. I take out the plastic glove, courtesy of Fraserway RV and take the drainpipe from it’s holder and hook it up to empty both our grey and black water. Yes that’s the toilet waste. The whole operation is handled professional and most important without a spill. We fill up with fresh water and are on our way. Since it has been below zero overnight some parts of the road are a bit icy.

We drive with caution and are glad we did when we see a car parked in the bushes, it doesn’t take long before the sun clears the road from all left over ice and we cruise and sing down the 101.

The Oregon Coast keeps surprising us with amazing views after each turn. At one point as we drive down the main street of a quit ocean town just before having to turn left we see “ ocean view” painted on the road ahead. With some time to spare we take a gamble and go up the road, as we drive over the edge both our jaws drop for a simultaneous ahhhhhhh. We are treated to the most spectacular view of the day.

As we continue to drive down the coast we pass another state border and drive into California while at roughly that hour our friends and family in the Netherlands drive into 2017. Standing in the sunshine on a Californian beach we wish everyone all the best for 2017.

The views in California are complemented with huge sequoia trees towering up on the banks of the road and again there are many ohs and ahs. Even though we had to drive over 650 kilometres we didn’t really need TomTom, instruction could have been: drive down the 101, go left after Eureka onto the 299 and after a right turn at Burnt Ranch you have reached your destination.

The final part of the 299 is a bit of challenge as the sun has gone down, we are truly in the middle of nowhere and fog is settling between the mountains. We reach our destination around seven where Cyn is signalling us into the driveway with a flashlight. While parking we sing happy birthday before greeting Cyn.

Funny how we have only met Cyn for the first time last September as one of many Welcker “stepfamily” and now we are here to celebrate NYE. Besides Cyn we are treated by Bob, Marly the dog, three cats, two horses and two more neighbour dogs. Being in the middle of nowhere let’s us experience real darkness and tomorrow we’ll find out where we actually are. For now the darkness let’s us stare at the sky in amazement, the entire sky is filled with stars. We hook up the motorhome, and over a delicious homemade soup we learn about our family. We learn we shouldn’t expect fireworks for midnight but we can expect a small explosive from the next door neighbour. All other neighbours will most likely just fire of their guns into the night. An all American experience.  Happy New Year everybody!

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