Day 13, Burnt Ranch California

It’s been a long time ago for both Marlies and myself that we woke up on New Year day at 08:00 in the morning without feeling hungover. It might even be another first during this trip.

The morning gives us sunshine and therefore light and sight on where we actually are, we are in Burnt Ranch and have view of a mountain named Iron Side and many trees. We get into the house for fresh coffee and breakfast and get offer we cannot refuse. Although even I fit in the motorhome shower the offer of using a life size shower is welcome. Clouds drift pass and bring some light snow as we head out for a hike on the mountain. We bring ourselves, Marley the dog and Ruby the dog of the neighbour. The atmosphere is great, the are is fresh and the trees are huge and we enjoy being in the midst of nature. James the neighbour catches up and since he and Bob had recently been on a cross country motorcycle ride the three of us have enough to talk about.

We exit the woods and head home with a healthy appetite, light the fire at the house and have lunch. The afternoon is used for a drive around the area with our local guides and takes us to a rockslide that has closed the highway and to different viewing point over the Trinity river and we are lucky enough to see a bald head eagle circle through the valley below.

Over an again Wonderfull dinner wit fresh crabs caught by a friendly fisher on the coast we exchange experiences, plans and views on the world.

It’s been a January first unlike any previous ones and most pleasant and memorable because of that.

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