Day 8, Mt. Seymour

After a long and intense day of deep couch sitting and watching Canada beat Russia we wake up early and fit. We spend the morning having breakfast, shuffle snow from the driveway and dress for today activity, snowshoeing at Mount Seymour. The drive up takes us across te Fraser river and gives us another view of the downtown Vancouver before we drive up into the mountains. The further we drive up the road the more the trees are covered with a fresh pack of snow. For the last few miles we are escorted by a snowplow to ensure we arrive at the top safe.

As first time snowshoers Marlies and I set out for the rental shop while Bob, Lee’a and Kate get their gear on. Once we join join them and figure out the lefts and rights on snowshoes we set out for the trail. Passing the ski slope with people skiing and snowboarding I wonder what I am doing here and why I am not using gravity and riding my board.

Nevertheless, a few minutes into the trail I immediately start enjoying the peace and quiet and beautiful scenery. We soon learn it’s quite a work out but continue ploughing through.

Although it’s a bit foggy we enjoy the winterwonderland and after two hours of snowshoeing we arrive back at the truck, exhausted but satisfied.

On the way down we are treated to a spectacular view of the afternoon sun breaking through the clouds. We drive to Deep Cove for a late lunch/early dinner and are once again down away by the beauty of British Colombia. We look out over the water, surrounded by mountains and when Marlies hears you can rent kayaks I can barely stop her from getting into one. Guess we have to go back in summer.

As if the view isn’t enough, the food is great as our company is and has been. We go home to see Canada beat Slovakia with 5-0 and a game of Jenga completes this wonderful day.

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  1. Anneke en Luc
    januari 3, 2017

    Wat leuk om wat te lezen over jullie reis en foto’s te zien. Ziet er erg mooi uit. Nog heel veel plezier! Lieve groet, Luc en Anneke

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